Hackers Don’t Attack Your Policies. They Attack Your Technical Controls and Configurations.

Conversant Group, now through its dedicated battalion Athena7, is recognized as one of the most experienced IT security assessment companies in the market, having assessed over 500 companies to date.


Athena7’s unique, deep-dive approach includes comprehensive shoulder-surfing of actual technical controls and configurations and benchmarking you against the latest threat actor behavior.

We don’t think security is a compliance or policy exercise, and we know that policies and the best intentions do not stop the ransomware cyber terrorists wreaking havoc on companies every single day. That’s why Athena7 looks at your infrastructure like a cyber terrorist would—each and every dashboard, administrator panel, and configuration—resulting in a prioritized, actionable roadmap for remediation.


We’re The Talk of The Tech Town

We genuinely consider them our partners. They are committed to their clients, the response time is amazing, and they have the highest-quality, specialized technical expertise I’ve ever encountered.

Tony Young

Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C.

These guys are actually on the IT team’s side – they are our partners every step of the way, from brainstorming and design to implementation and troubleshooting. They really are a critical extension of our IT staff.

Samuel Shipley

Bricker & Eckler

These guys are my “go to”: responsive, technologically deep, always there when I need them. I really get the white glove treatment from them!

Avi Solomon


In 25 years I have never worked with a consultant with more industry knowledge and technical resources…not one. Their approach to collaborative project management has quite simply made my life less stressful.

Jeffrey Richards

Trucker Huss

These are my “go to” experts. They have been there to help me every time!

Jeffrey Middendorf

Katz Teller

Understand Your True Risk Exposure

The bad guys are constantly probing your defenses. Find out first what they may discover.

It’s important to know the resilience of your infrastructure and security against current threat actor activities
We are on the front lines responding to ransomware attacks through our sister company, Fenix24, giving us full visibility to the most up-to-date threat actor playbooks. Fully armed, we can benchmark your controls against real-world threats, helping protect you against cyber terrorists and their extortion and blackmail.

Understand the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and security controls today, across your organization.

Get detailed insights based on an expert, hands-on assessment (not self-reporting).

Be armed with an actionable roadmap to prioritize your vulnerability remediation activities.

Understand the reality of your resiliency and recovery timeline in the event of an attack.       

While nearly 100% of cybersecurity policies state their backups are immutable and will survive a ransomware attack, the reality is, fewer than 1/3 actually do.*

We put tremendous effort into hiring the smartest, most-qualified, mission-driven workforce. If you think you have what it takes to join Conversant Group, Athena7, or our other battalions, visit here to learn more.

*Veeam Software, “Veeam Data Protection Report, 2021,” March 19, 2021.

Find Out What The Hackers May Do Before They Do It— Assess Your Systems. Understand Your Top Priorities.

Athena7 not only partners with your in-house IT staff to directly examine how your security measures are configured and orchestrated: we will go a step farther, answering questions you didn’t know to ask.

Athena 7 offers a variety of assessments, and we can help with vulnerability remediation, if desired.