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Our Services Help Your Infrastructure, Resiliency, and Restoration Timelines

Athena7’s assessments focus on shoulder-surfing your infrastructure, technical controls, and cloud exposure, providing you with unique insights into your security risks and top-priority vulnerabilities, considering the most current threat actor tactics, so you can take prioritized action to defend against the criminal actors and terrorists who are targeting today’s organizations. Our experts:

Work with your IT teams to evaluate, or “shoulder surf” the technical controls and configurations your company has in place.

Evaluate your infrastructure and technical security controls in the context of your unique IT resources and environment, digital assets, cloud providers, and client data you are charged with protecting for your company.

Evaluate whether the business needs/expectations around recovery timelines are achievable based on the current state of your technical controls, backup technologies and strategies, and budget.

Leverage our knowledge of the most current (and constantly changing) cyber terrorists playbooks, so that your defenses are matched to the threat tactics your environment could be facing.

Provide you with an actionable remediation plan on a prioritized vulnerability scale, so you can focus your efforts where they are needed the most.

If desired, we can help you remediate the findings, all or in part, working with your IT and security teams.

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Athena7 offers diverse assessment models tailored to your company’s current needs. We will focus on areas of specific concern to your organization. Our three most popular assessment models are:

Actionable Technical Defense Plan.
This assessment provides a comprehensive view of your organization’s technical controls and configurations, itemizing any shortcomings on a prioritized risk scale, presented in a detailed plan for appropriate remediation.
Ransomware Backup and Resiliency.
This assessment evaluates the safety of your backups and your company’s ability to recover from a ransomware attack that breaches your perimeter and holds any of your digital assets hostage. It focuses on your ability to restore your operations from backup in order to resume operations without succumbing to your attacker’s demands
Customized Assessments Built Around Your Organizational Needs.
Athena7 can also scope an assessment to focus on more specific needs/concerns your organization has as part of an overall assessment. Customized scopes have included: Remote access performance (including Citrix configurations), ATM networks, cloud environments, virtualization/images, and critical applications/databases.