Athena7, a Conversant Group Company, was born out of John Anthony Smith and Conversant Group’s passion to fight cyber terrorists and prevent breaches. John Anthony grew up having to defend himself against bullies—and as an outgrowth of that experience, committed his life to fighting those that victimize others.

Conversant Group started as a general IT services company like so many others; but watching customers fall victim to ransomware attacks changed us. Seeing the pain of failed defenses, we are no longer willing to sell someone a steel-plated front door while their windows are wide open. We realized the most important questions are often the ones an organization doesn’t know how to ask. We stopped giving customers a menu of solutions that really equated to low, medium or high security. We stopped subscribing to frameworks developed a decade or more ago. We stopped being polite and started being the world’s First Civilian Cybersecurity Force.

What began in 2008 as the founding of Conversant Group has evolved and grown into Athena7, a dedicated assessment practice committed to helping organizations understand how their infrastructure, backups, and security controls will withstand the latest threat actor tactics.

Will your backups survive most ransomware attacks? (68% of the time, they do not.)

And if they do, realistically, how long would it take to fully restore your critical systems in a real-world ransomware event? Can your lateral movement protections be evaded? How resilient will your organization be in the face of constant probing, inevitable phishing/credential harvesting, and highly motivated cyber terrorists?

Our assessments provide you with clear insight into how hackers will attack and how your infrastructure and technical controls are likely to perform so that you can prioritize your actions and investments to have the greatest impact. While other assessments typically focus on alignment between policies and compliance frameworks like NIST or CIS, the Athena7 team works with your in-house IT staff to understand exactly how your security configurations and controls are configured (“shoulder surfing”) to help you remediate the vulnerabilities that attackers actually target.

We follow the principles of the Good Samaritan: we go the extra mile, getting answers to the security questions you may not even know to ask. Athena7 understands that many companies feel a false sense of security that their backups are their defense; but since 68% of backups fail during an attack, we do more to protect you against the cyberbullies and terrorists that would otherwise endanger your businesses. We are a trusted partner to some of the biggest names in cybersecurity, such as CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks, and others, and have helped over 500 customers and entire industries defend themselves. For example, Conversant Group leads the legal industry’s largest cybersecurity survey in partnership with the International Legal Tech Association (ILTA).

Athena7 customizes assessments based on your industry, your infrastructure, and your unique needs; ensuring you get the answers to the questions you have as well as a realistic overall view of your technical controls and configurations. The result of every assessment is an actionable remediation plan prioritized across your entire environment allowing you to prioritize your remediation efforts (or, we can be there to remediate rapidly on your behalf).

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